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Steven Joseph

Objective:  Work in the computer field or other technical capacity

Skill set summary: Quickbooks 2006, Oracle 9i and 10g, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic 6, Microsoft Server 2003, Linux/Unix, SAP, ANSI C, AS/400 RPG/400, Pick/UniData, MySQL, PHP

Rutgers University, Business and Economics, January 1976
Oracle Application Developer Certified Associate, December 2007
Oracle 10g Database Administrator Certified Professional, December 2007
US FCC-Licensed amateur radio operator,  certified December 1997
QuickBooks Program Certified User, March 2007


Computers and Networks, Lynchburg, VA November 2008 to present
Register customer internet domain names; setup customer web server information; add, change and delete DNS resource records for web server, FTP server and mail server resources; install web site files on Linux-based and Windows IIS-based web servers for customer sites; create and troubleshoot customer email servers and email traffic; install, operate and troubleshoot Linux-based operating system computers; install Linux-based server application software on computers; assemble and install hardware components of computer servers; install, operate and troubleshoot MySQL and MS SQL Server database software and servers; modify website pages; develop MySQL database schemas and PHP programs for customer websites; answer phone calls from web site operators, dial-up customers and email subscribers; troubleshoot customer email problems by tightening or loosening spam filters;

Nuclear Power, Lynchburg Virginia June 1999 to January 2008
Health Physics : Set up, maintained and enhanced the Canberra Industries HIS20  Dosimetry software application by (1) installing Oracle database server software on Microsoft Windows 2003 servers; performing database and transaction log backups; replicating Oracle databases from server to server; creating Oracle databases, Oracle database tables, indexes, constraints, views and other Oracle Database objects as needed by software applications, (2) installing and configuring the Oracle Database client  software on customer desktop workstations,  (3) installing and configuring the HIS20 Dosimetry application software on both the Oracle Database server and the client machines (4) maintaining and developing custom applications for the HIS20 Dosimetry software product, using Microsoft Visual Basic 6, that retrieve and update Oracle Database tables used the by HIS20 Dosimetry application.

Nuclear Fuel Fabrication : Performed maintenance and application development on an IBM AS/400 computer using CL, RPG400 and DDS; migrated the database of all fuel rod line manufacturing operations from IBM AS/400 DB2 to Microsoft SQL Server; created all necessary tables, constraints, views and indexes to duplicate the IBM AS/400 database onto a Microsoft SQL Server database; cleaned and moved all IBM AS/400 application data into the new Microsoft SQL database; implemented SQL Server log shipping between a primary production server and an auxiliary backup server to the satisfaction of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC); performed backups and maintenance; Migrated application code from RPG, running on an IBM AS/400, to VB6, running on a Windows 2000 server; translated program logic and language syntax from RPG to VB6; replaced IBM AS/400 computer with Dell server running Windows 2000 server; installed and configured the base Windows Server 2003 operating system and network parameters for various server applications; developed applications to automate some administrative chores in Microsoft Active Directory

Plant maintenance : Developed web-based application, using Active Server Pages and Microsoft SQL Server, to automate the processing of in-house work orders and requests; wrote the web page programs using Microsoft VBScript and built the database infrastructure of tables, indexes and constraints using MS SQL Server

Enterprise : Installed SAP R/3 4.7 Enterprise server software, performed system copies from database exports and performed light SAP Basis administrative duties; installed and configured HP-UX; configured parameters for static and DHCP network attachment; installed HP-UX patches to bring the HP-UX operating system into compliance with SAP software specifications, used LVM to create Logical Volumes and file systems for use by the Oracle Database software which worked in conjunction with the SAP  server software; installed Oracle 9i and SAP R/3 4.7 on both PA-RISC and Itanium servers from Hewlett-Packard; developed small, light and simple shell scripts to automate ‘tar’ backups; performed similar tasks with Red Hat Linux on Dell brand x86 machines.

Central Virginia Community College, Lynchburg, Virginia Fall Semester 1999
Part-time, temporary C/C++ language course instructor

Valtim Company, Forest, Virginia September 1998 to June 1999
Y2K Conversion Project: Developed application programs, using languages RPG and CL on an AS/400;  Converted large volume of data and programs to correct Y2K problems on the IBM AS/400 computer;

Aranon Corporation, Florida January 1984 to September 1998
Hands-on IS manager; Administration, maintenance and development of hardware and software systems for manufacturing, retail and back-office operations; worked on AS/400 computers; personal computers; hand-held computers; data-collection devices;  Developed systems using languages such as RPG/400; ANSI C, Basic, Assembler; developed Xmodem file transfer utility, using the C language, to move inventory data between data collection devices and computers over an RS-232 line; developed a point-of-sale application using UniData on top of IBM/AIX running on the RS/6000 computer; developed payroll program to capture and report W-2 data, according to IRS mandate and specification, on magnetic media; maintained and enhanced the MAPICS application software with custom programming supplements;


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